The Fantinel: One of the Best Wineries the World Has Ever Known

By on May 3, 2018

In the year 1969, Mario Fantinel bought lands for establishing and bringing his dream to reality – a vineyard which he would own and thus make his own wine, wine of top quality, to serve his customers. His vision was passed down the family line and today we have his third generation building an stretching the boundaries of the empire that he dreamt of.

Fantinel wine

Under winemaker Alberto Zanello, Fantinel brand has grown into a winemaking entity which produces, on an average, more than 4 million bottles a year. It has received DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) for three different varieties-Collio, Colli Orientali di Friuli, and Grave Friuli and produces wines like- Brut Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon Borgo Tesis, Celebrate Life Merlot, Merlot Borgo Tesis, Pinot Grigio Sant’Helena, Prosecco, Refosco Sant’Helena, Ribolla Gialla Sant’Helena, and Rosso Platinum, Friulano Sant’Helena and even Sauvignon Sant’Helena.

But Fantinel’s pride lies with its “Sparkling” flagship wine- the “One & Only” Prosecco Brut. Fantinel wine company has modified the traditional Prosecco to bring something new and evidently better into existence. You have not tasted the best of Fantinel’s until you have taken a sip of wine from a bottle of Prosecco Brut.

It offers a silkytexture with the elegant smell of flowers. It just invites you to take more and more till there’s not one drop left. Fantinel’s Prosecco Brut is made by the Charmat method and is made to age in Wooden Barrels for over 100 days to give you the best taste.

If you are a wine collector and take joy in keeping only the best of them all in your collection, then trust us, Fantinel’s “One & Only” Prosecco Brut deserves a place in your beautiful collection. A velvety palate made from the best of Fantinel’s Glera and reserved for the very best of occasions.

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